What is Compiler

compiler is a special program that processes statements written in a particular programming language and turns them into machine language or “code” that a computer’s processor uses. Typically, a programmer writes language statements in a language such as Pascal or C one line at a time using an editor.

Role of Compiler

compiler is a tool which is used to converts the text of a programming language (called source code) into machine code. The machine code can then be executed on the machine, without the original source code being present. An interpreter is a tool which takes the source code of a program and executes it immediately.

Working of Compiler

compiler is a program that translates the source code for another program from a programing language into executable code. … In short, a compiler converts a program from a human-readable format into a machine-readable format. As to how a compiler works, that is indeed complicated.

Types of Compiler

  • Single Pass Compilers.
  • Two Pass Compilers.
  • Multipass Compilers

First Compiler

The first compiler was written by Grace Hopper, in 1952, for the A-0 programming language. The FORTRAN team led by John Backus at IBM is generally credited as having introduced the first complete compiler in 1957. COBOL was an early language to be compiled on multiple architectures, in 1960.

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