Laser Jet Printer and Advantages of Non-Impact Printers

Laser Jet Printer

A printer that uses a laser and the electrophotographic method to print a full page at a time. The laser “paints” a charged drum with light, to which toner is applied and then transferred onto paper. Desktop laser printers use cut sheets like a copy machine. Large printers may use paper rolls that are cut after printing. Laser printer resolution is typically from 300 to 1200 dpi.

laser jet printer
Laser Jet Printer

Advantages of Non-Impact Printers

Non-impact printer does not generate noise during printing because it prints images and text without striking the papers. While impact printer generates noise because it prints by striking print hammer or wheel against an inked ribbon. Non-impact printer’s speed is faster and quality is higher than impact printer.

advantages of non impact printers

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