Joseph Marie Jacquard’s Inventions

Jacquard’s invention emphasized these three important concepts:

1. Coding of information by punching holes on the cards (storage concept).

Punch cards (or “punched cards”), also known as Hollerith cards or IBM cards, are paper cards in which holes may be punched by hand or machine to represent computer data and instructions. They were a widely-used means of inputting data into early computers. The cards were fed into a card reader connected to a computer, which converted the sequence of holes to digital information.

For example, an early computer programmer would write a program by hand, then convert the program to a series of punched cards using a punch card machine. The programmer would then take the stack of cards to a computer, and feed the cards into a card reader to input the program.


2. Linking of the cards in the series to provide instructions in sequence (Programming concept).

Programming Concept

3. Job would be performed automatically as the program run (Program execution concept).

Next, learn about Difference between analog and digital computer.

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