Internet Advantages and Disadvantages


The Internet is a huge collection of computers all over the world that are connected to one another. It is a global network of computers. These computers are connected through different telecommunication links. But this all comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Importance of Internet to the Society

Internet is used in almost every field of life nowadays. It is being used in business for online trade. It is also used to make online transactions and banks also provide the facility of online banking. It is being used in education field like online education and distance learning programs. It is used for communication like online chatting, video conferencing so we can communicate with people all over the world. Internet has made our life fast, efficient and easy.

Advantages of Internet

  • Internet is an important and fast tool of exchanging information from national level to international level.
  • We can find jobs and get solutions of our problems over internet.
  • We can communicate with people all over the world through internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

  • The Internet is the wastage of time i.e a lot of chatting and playing games.
  • Some websites contain immoral materials and damage the character of the new generation.
  • The Internet is the source of spreading false news and viruses.

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