Computer virus and its types

Computer Virus

computer virus is malicious code that replicates by copying itself to another program, computer boot sector or document and changes how a computer works. The virus requires someone to knowingly or unknowingly spread the infection without the knowledge or permission of a user or system administrator.

virus found

Types of Computer Virus

types of computer viruses

Harmful Effects of Computer Virus

  • Computer virus can slow down your computer. It might make some programs faulty or corrupt.
  • Might damage your boot sector creating problems when you boot into the windows.
  • Might steal important information from your computer and send to some other person.
effects of virus

Steps to Avoid Virus From Computer

  • The latest anti-virus should be installed on the computer.
  • Junk or unknown emails should not be opened.
  • Unauthorized or pirated should not be installed on the computer.
  • An important way of protection against virus is the use of backup of data. The backup is used if the virus deletes data or modifies it.
  • Freeware and shareware software from the internet normally contain viruses. It is important to check the software before using them.
steps to avoid virus from computer

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