Characteristics of a Computer

Understanding the characteristics of a computer is necessary to work in this field. The following are some important characteristics.

1. Speed Characteristics of computer

In general, no human being can compete in solving complex computations, faster than a computer.

As you know computer can work very fast. It takes only few seconds for calculations that we take hours to complete. You will be surprised to know that computer can perform millions (1,000,000) of instructions and even more per second.

Therefore, we determine the speed of computer in terms of microsecond (10-6 part of a second) or nanosecond (10 to the power -9 part of a second). From this you can imagine how fast your computer performs work

characteristics of computer

2. Diligence

Computer can work for hours without any break and creating error. A computer is free from tiredness, lack of concentration, fatigue, etc. It can work for hours without creating any error. If millions of calculations are to be performed, a computer will perform every calculation with the same accuracy. Due to this capability it overpowers human being in routine type of work.

characteristics of computer

3. Versatility

We can use computer to perform completely different type of work at the same time. It means the capacity to perform completely different type of work. You may use your computer to prepare payroll slips. Next moment you may use it for inventory management or to prepare electric bills.

characteristics of computer

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