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Which is the best hosting for WordPress in 2020? Most of the time we use WordPress to make our websites. Be it a blog or a business website using WordPress to make them is the smartest move as it gives you so much flexibility. Once you decided that we are going to use WordPress. Now, the next question arises which hosting is the best?

Last year I wrote about how to create a blog with Bluehost.

Today we are going to compare Bluehost and AWS and see which has better options and performance for the best hosting for WordPress.

Bluehost best hosting for WordPress
AWS Best hosting for WordPress

Best hosting for WordPress? AWS or Bluehost?

So let’s compare them one by one and find out which one is better and why and in what terms. Bluehost provides you with full managed hosting services. On the other hand, AWS is a full-fledged series of services. We can deploy WordPress using a lot of AWS products. Like, Lightsail, EC2, BeanStalk, etc. But here I am going to compare Lightsail with Bluehost. Let’s talk about both of these, one by one. First AWS and then Bluehost.

AWS Lightsail is the best hosting?

Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud platform that offers you everything needed to build an application or website, plus a cost-effective, monthly plan.

OS and Configurations

Lightsail gives you a range of options to choose from. For example, the kind of OS you want even to version-specific level. If you want a specific Linux flavour you can select that. If you want Windows, no problem at all Lightsail got you covered. Once you select a platform, you can select a blueprint that if you need just the OS or a pre-configured application as well. Here AWS takes the lead as it provides a lot of options to choose from but we will stick to WordPress here.

Amazon Lightsail best hosting for WordPress


After that, you get to choose the kind of machine you want. Yeah, the price part comes here. You have a lot of flexibility here. You can choose different machines for different needs. One good thing to note here is that the smallest plan is free for one month and no initial charges will be deducted from your card.

Amazon Lightsail plans


With great pros come downsides as well. Let’s go through them one by one.

Closed access

The only downside to Amazon Lightsail is that if you choose WordPress instance you don’t get access to any cPanel or Plesk like you to get in Bluehost or any other managed hostings. For that, you will have to use the Plesk application and install WordPress from inside that. You get SSH access to the shell of the OS. Which makes it harder to customize or configure for non-tech people.

SSL Issue

Applying SSL to your Lightsail is a bit hectic as well. As discussed above you only get SSH access so you will have to go through a lot of command line leg work to apply SSL to your website. Other than that, applying the custom domain is not that big of an issue.

Bluehost is the best hosting?

Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers and powers millions of websites.

start a successful wordpress blog
start a successful WordPress blog

Managed WordPress

With Bluehost you get managed WordPress hosting where you can perform different actions like applying themes, installing/updating plugins on your sites through easy to use interfaces. You can apply these without even going inside the WordPress admin.

Multisite Hosting

You can create and manage multiple WordPress websites from a single Bluehost account and they will only charge you on the whole account, not the installations.


They also provide you with cPanel access. So, you can access file manager, DNS, Emails and many other features you usually have in hosting accounts.

Final Verdict – Best WordPress Hosting

So to end my whole analysis, I leave it to you guys with the verdict that:

If you are a techie who wants more OS-level access and likes to type in commands to do stuff. AWS is for you.

But if you are a non-tech person who just wants to make cool websites and don’t want to stress about how things are actually done on the lowest level. Bluehost is for you.

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