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AWS WordPress hosting is a very hot topic these days. Everyone who works in the digital industry has thought about setting up a WordPress website. And if you are wondering how to set up your WordPress blog or website with AWS. You are in the right spot. Now, there are many ways to set up a WordPress blog in AWS. But, I will go through the following two ways to set up the AWS WordPress blog.

  • Amazon Lightsail WordPress
  • Amazon EC2 WordPress

Don’t want to go to AWS for WordPress? Learn how you can set up a successful blog with Bluehost. Otherwise, let’s go through these, one by one.

Amazon Lightsail for AWS WordPress

So what exactly Lightsail is? Lightsail is an easy-to-use cloud platform that offers you everything needed to build an application or website, plus a cost-effective, monthly plan. Let’s go through how you can set up a WordPress website with AWS Lightsail.

First of all, login to your AWS account from Services dropdown choose Lightsail.

AWS Lightsail

Once inside Lightsail, you will be shown the following view where you can see your instances that you have already created or you can create a new one by clicking Create Instance.

aws lightsail create wordpress instance
AWS Lightsail create WordPress instance

Next, you will be asked to select a platform where you want this virtual instance to run. You can select Linux or MS Windows platform here. Then on following step you can select the app you want on that OS. At this step, you select WordPress and hit create.

aws wordpress
AWS WordPress

Once your instance is created, you get such a screen. Remember it did not ask us what password you want for your new WordPress instance. I’ll explain below how to get that.

wordpress aws lightsail
new instance running

Also, remember that the default user name will always be the user. So to login to your new WordPress instance, you can use the IP is given and username “user”. For the Password, you will have to connect to your instance via SSH. For that, click on Connect using the SSH button and this will open a new tab with command-line interface. There you will have to type the following command to get the password.

$ cat bitnami_application_password

This will show your password like below:

Lightsail wordpress get password
get the password

Use this password to login to your newly created WordPress and you are good to go.

Amazon EC2 WordPress

Next in line is EC2. EC2 is elastic compute service of AWS. You can run anything on it. It is like a cloud-based virtual computer and you can install any software on it. Now let me describe how you can install WordPress on it. First of all, go to EC2 from Services and click on Launch new Instance. On the next screen click on AWS Marketplace and search WordPress.

Bitnami WordPress image EC2

Select according to your choice if you want SSL then choose the second one otherwise the first one. On the next screens just leave the default options on and finish launching the EC2 instance. The same password scene will be faced here as well because it doesn’t ask you what password to keep. To get that you will have to get into the logs of the instance.


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