Top 5 Reasons to become digital nomad?

Many individuals are just born creative and talented. They usually have a great desire to exhibit skills in some form. I was the same who always wanted to experiment with what I learn and apply it to my daily life somehow. I started freelancing out of curiosity when I was in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology doing my Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Now when I am already graduate and in my professional life. I always support the idea to become digital nomad.

There are many freelancing websites but Toptal is the one that stands out the most. Here are my top 5 reasons to become digital nomad using Toptal web developer Network.

1. Satisfy my creative impulse

Freelancing itself is very challenging as you get to deal with a lot of clients from across the globe. Your creative juices come in to play when you have to build solutions for different clients as they get crazy with their requirements. Toptal offers you to work with some of the top companies around the world. This means you are going to put great use of your creativity in solving problems for the world.

2. Travel freely while you work

Since you are working remotely, you can easily travel to anywhere you want. To be able to live a life of unlimited travel – that’s a dream you can turn into a reality when you become a digital nomad. Creating a lifestyle and a business that you can take with you and work on, from anywhere in the world, will allow you to travel and see more of the world than you’ve ever dared to dream of before.

3. Choose your own Schedule

Those who have worked in the office know how hard it is for them to get their days-off approved from the bosses. It’s different for freelancers. Provided that you have completed your project, simply don’t accept any new assignment for a self-imposed break from work. Pack your bags and slip to your favorite destination with your family or friends. Work in day or night whatever time you like. This is one of the most fantasizing benefit of why you become digital nomad.

4. Minimalism

Minimalism does not mean wearing the same dirty jeans, and not washing your hair for months on end. Minimalism represents getting your house in order. You can easily priorities things and get your things straight. You can keep things simple because you are always on the go.

5. Mouth Watering Portfolio

When you work online and for clients/companies from every corner of the world your experience and portfolio grows to a very mouth watering extent. All kind of fancy projects you create while solving problems for big companies around the globe your worth increases day by day.

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